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FREE TRAINING CLASSES FOR NEW & PROSPECTIVE HOSTS - Next Dates: Tuesday Feb 11th & Thursday Feb 13th - Click for the Details - Register Now to Claim a Spot

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SIGN UP NOW to attend the FREE training program “TalkShoe Basic Training for New & Prospective Hosts”! (Pre-registration is required even though it’s free - just send an email to training@talkshoe.com)

This free training program is conducted by the leading experts on the TalkShoe User Support Team. The training program consists of one session lasting 2 hours. This program is offered on the following dates:

Tuesday February 11th at 7pm to 9pm Eastern Time (6pm - 8pm CST, 5pm - 7pm MST, 4pm - 6pm PST, 12am - 2am GMT)
Thursday February 13th at 11am to 1pm Eastern Time (10am - Noon CST, 9am - 11am MST, 8am - 10am PST, 4pm - 6pm GMT)
Monday February 17th at 11am to 1pm Eastern Time (10am - Noon CST, 9am - 11am MST, 8am - 10am PST, 4pm - 6pm GMT)
Thursday February 27th at 7pm to 9pm Eastern Time (6pm - 8pm CST, 5pm - 7pm MST, 4pm - 6pm PST, 12am - 2am GMT)

ALSO: Personalized One-on-One TroubleShooting/Training Sessions are available. See further explanation below.

This session will consist of prepared material covering key topics of interest to New and Prospective TalkShoe Hosts. Periodically throughout the session the participants will be given an opportunity to ask questions. The material covered is basic and appropriate for individuals who are interested in becoming Show Hosts. Our philosophy is that no question is too simple!

Topics covered include:
” Using TalkShoe as a listener
” Setting up your Hosting Account
” Scheduling your First Episode
” Controlling your Show/Call from your Phone
” How to End/Terminate your Show/Call
” How to Handle Disturbances and Disruptive Participants
” Broadcast Techniques - How to Conduct a Show in a Professional Manner
” Interview Techniques
” Best Practice Do’s and Don’ts
” Where to Go for More Help - Hosting Resources
” Availability of Advanced Premium Training

Individuals interested in attending must register by sending an email indicating their interest to: training@talkshoe.com Include an indication of your level of experience. Please also include the Date and Time of the session you are requesting to attend. You will receive additional information regarding the training, including how to connect to the sessions.

This training was created in response to user requests.


Come join the FUN - Become a Host Today!!!

NOTE: Personalized One-on-One TroubleShooting/Training Sessions - are sessions where a member of the TalkShoe User Support Team works with you directly over the phone at a mutually agreed upon time to answer specific questions and/or to troubleshoot specific problems. One-on-One sessions are available at the rate of $4.95 for each 15 minutes. If you are interested in purchasing a One-on-One session, please send your request to training@talkshoe.com

Note: Advanced Premium Training (which covers more advanced topics) is also available - click this link for more details: [1] http://tinyurl.com/22qrp86

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